Why has my dog got fleas

Why has my dog got Fleas?

For many people the fact that their pet has fleas or a tick is a disaster or a taboo subject,  these days there are so many ways to treat these little parasites without any of the age old dramas that used to have to happen.  These critters are not choosy who will be their next host or where they bed down, as long as it is warm and there is plentiful food supplies.

Fleas love to lay their eggs in the dust of furnishings or carpets and can be bought into the home in a variety of ways as they do not stick to your pets fur.  Ticks just latch on, they are like stealth commandos waiting on  leaves or grass, the tick detects a hosts breath, body odour, heat, moisture and vibrations. When the host brushes past they then jump aboard and make their way to the thinnist part of the hosts skin such as the ear area, hook in and start to feed.  So it is more than chance that these parasites are bought into your home rather than luck or judgement.

So what better way to prevent these little visitors and their population explostion from taking residence in your home and your pets by giving them the natural treatment of ‘Bugs Away‘.  It’s chemical free, easy to use bit also will help with your pets coat and skin condition