Ticked off?

Ticks: the hidden questers out for your pets blood

Ticks are incrediable little creatures, for something so small they can cause illness not only in animals but humans too.  We love to take our dogs out for walks in the forests, parks, fields, heaths and along the beach and these parasites are waiting to latch on. They carry many diseases the most popular being Lyme disease, this can affect both people and dogs, in fact, cases of Lyme disease in the UK have increased by 300% in humans since 2000. with the flu-like symptoms including fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, joint swellings and stiffness when moving. The intensity of these symptoms can fluctuate for months, and if left undiagnosed can lead to permanent disability.

Ticks have two stages of feeding – slow and then rapid engorgement. During the rapid engorgement stage, the alternate phases of salivary secretion and blood ingestion speed up. This is when diseases are most likely to be transmitted as the tick secretes fluid into your pet the diseases are transmitted along with it.

Other Tick bourne diseases include:

This causes infected red blood cells to burst and in severe cases can lead to collapse and organ complications, which can be fatal

Which affects the white blood cells with symptoms including anaemia, depression, loss of appetite and excessive bleeding

The affected animals show signs including lameness, weakness and fever.


So as with everything,  prevention is always better than cure and with Bugs Away the simple chemical free solution that is added daily to your pets food will help to repel these blood thirsty critters.