The Sunshine is out, the heat is on and Bang ! Explosion of Flea Activity !

Well we are all enjoying the sunshine and even the fact we have some as our British summer is a little uncertain at times.  But did you know that these are ideal conditions for those dormant eggs to start hatching?

Sorry to give you nightmares but there are 95% of laid eggs in your soft furnishings that have laid dormant until now. Scientists from the British Pest control are bracing themselves as due to those mild winters the population of parasites have grown and are continuing to grow at a rapid pace

Did you know that one flea can turn into 125,000 of the parasites in just 8 weeks and in nine months, a female fleas can hypothetically create up to a trillion descendants as she will lay approximately 500 eggs in her lifetime . They can bite your pet 400 times a day,  they drink up to 15 times their body weight in a day – which is why pets with lots of fleas can be anaemic.

Makes you stop and think really because if they are biting our pets who else is a lovely source of food, yes you and your family!.

So whats is great is that just a daily measure of Bugs away will help eliminate these pesky but clever parasites.  So not only are your helping you pets health and well being but also that of your family.

Did you know that they can even  jump 13 inches (34cm) – 160 times their own length, which the equivalent of a human leaping over the Eiffel tower.






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